We walked along the beach, trudging through the pebbles, watching the tide, the seabirds, feeling the cool wind, the cool spray of the water. You were female, then, and I was male; although it didn't really matter because what was important was that we were able to explore together the rich complexities of this existence.

Each time we meet we are both different, meeting as strangers, meeting on different levels, exploring new complexities. This is what human life is all about. Often I forget this. Or you forget. Or we both forget and therefore get tangled up in the particulars of our new circumstances.

Which is part of the dance. We step on each other's toes because we don't know how to dance and sometimes aren't even aware that we are dancing. Which is also part of the dance. Sometimes we hear of those who have learned to dance and are artists of the Dance; but they can't teach us a thing because we would have to be able to dance with them in order to learn.

What's more, the Dance is not a matter of training or effort at all. Because to dance is to feel, not to think. And you learn not by remembering all the steps you've done before, but by forgetting them. The movement that's happening now is the only movement in the Dance, and to be completely attentive to that movement is to flow with it. Then it takes no effort because the Dance dances itself.

I wonder if I will remember all this when the next movement comes around? You see, I have only been practicing on my own in hopes of improving my technique for the next time we meet. I know you understand all this and forgive me my clumsiness. But when I forget about you and think only of myself, I put myself beyond help when I need it most. And the Dance goes on without me . . .

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