What is The Green Transfer ?

A short novel of about 27,000 words.

What is the novel about?

The adventures of Alan Willcox, forced by the government to leave his home in Brickshire for failing to produce the required amount of creative writing. There are scenes in The Great Green Theatre, in Castle Randolph, in a Norman tower somewhere in Brazil, and in a UFO. There are chase scenes in a barouche carriage and in a taxi, and on foot through the labs of an experimental longevity clinic. There is a contest of fists in a bar -- and one of words in a parlor. There are conversations, games, and parties. A song sung in a coffee house; a line of mechanical chorus girls. Things seen and heard; things dreamed or imagined.

Who are the other characters?

Alan is sometimes accompanied by his friends Stephen and Mary Louise. There is also Lord Randolph, his strange brother Hector, and visitors to their Castle; Hector's ex-wife Alma and a group of Brazilian revolutionaries; two Tax Men, one bus driver, two taxi drivers, one muffin salesman. Even famed surrealist Salvador Dali makes a special appearance.

Where can I get a copy?

Right now, you can't! The Green Transfer has not yet been published, due to the lack of a publisher, a literary agent to find a publisher, or sufficient funds to self-publish. However, you can read the sample chapter for free! All I ask is for you to give me feedback!

What can I do about it?

Send money, send gifts, send an order for Another Eucharist, a book of poems and images! Send this URL far and wide and bring us online readers!

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