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1997 Michael Perkin

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Acts of Love
Drawings by Norm | Poems by Alan

Previous Publications


Crazy Light
Poems by David Perkin
With artwork by Michael Perkin.
May 1996.

Suspicions: Among the Thoughts I May Contribute
Mark Lewis
With images by Michael Perkin and Norm Rosenberger.
September 1995.

Another Eucharist
Poems by Alan Gullette | Images by Michael Perkin
Twenty-six poems accompanied by woodcuts and photomontages.
Photo of the poet by Bryan Gullette.
March 1995.

Selected poems and images
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Working to the Blue
Poems by David Perkin
With images by Michael Perkin.
October 1994.

The Waste Land
T. S. Eliot
With images by Norm Rosenberger and Michael Perkin.
February 1994.

Chameleon Effect
Poems by Monique Peterson | Images by Norm Rosenberger.
March 1994.


The following anthologies of poetry, prose, and artwork were edited by Michael Perkin.

Goat Song
Art, stories, and poems by Steve Beaupre, Robert Boyd, Michelle Cole, Cindy Franck, Alan Gullette, Julie Hodge, Suzanne Mailloux, David McGraw, Julie McNeil, David Perkin, J.D. Perkin, Michael Perkin, Norm Rosenberger and Sharyl Wong. (August 2001)

Mountains and Alleys
Art, stories, and poems by Laurie James, Paul Scapp, J.D. Perkin, Mark Dong, Kyle Spencer, David Perkin, Norm Rosenberger, Tim Potter, Danny Perkin, Julie Hodge, David Geisheker, Michael Perkin, Alan Gullette, and others. (July 1997)

We Made Love from Full Moon to Crescent Moon. Then the Ambulance Came (October 1993)
Labor Brigade (April 1992)
Cast a Kind Eye (June 1991)
Flying Saucer Instruction Manual (April 1990)

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Elephant Printing
Oakland, California
Email: michael_perkin@msn.com