Lizard Life

Lizards in love we slithered along the lakeside
the skyline of tourists fades into the lost background of past realities
all we know is the slick feel of oiled leather,
sliding through the grass, scampering on the ground,
sliding against each other, scampering

Autumn basks in cool evenings but lizards love daylight --
O to lie stretched out on a bare stone in the full sun!
we sit for hours on end without moving --
simply watching, watching and breathing --
breathing, feeling the warm sun, and simply watching

Once I touched you after watching you from afar for a thousand years
the years move slowly as I await my next opportunity
to fill the time I write lizard poems and leave them lying around
I leave them lying under tall grasses, under wild ferns,
Under open skies I leave them lying on the bare stones

But lizard music carries you away, wafting into the dark millennium
a thousand years of cold silence, dry lizard leather in old air
abandoned like a Mayan temple at the depths of a jungle
my lizard poems etched in a forgotten tongue, inscrutable figures,
indecipherable ravings of unkempt emotion -- ignoble, usurped, and fallen

Lost then in mazes of Mayan undergrowth, seeking the lizard lady go I
running through the open desert on bare burning leather feet
I cross mountain ranges and float over oceans on a banana leaf
all to pursue the beauty, the leather touch, the endless hours on that stone --
All to love the lizard lady in the lazy languor of this lizard life

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