William Hope Hodgson


English author, photographer, sailor, and body-builder, Hodgson produced all of his writing in the space of eleven years before he was killed in World War I.

Praising such novels as The House on the Borderland and The Night Land, Lovecraft called him "second only to Blackwood in his serious treatment of unreality," but Hodgson's work remains undeservedly ignored. But through the interest and efforts of such scholars as the late Sam Moskowitz, R. Alain Everts, and Sam Gafford, Hodgson may yet be remembered and revived.

Photo Credit: Dustjacket, Deep Waters (Arkham House, 1967)

William Hope Hodgson: Reporter from the Borderland by Alan Gullette
Biography and brief discussion of his works.
Writing Backwards: The Novels of William Hope Hodgson by Sam Gafford
Evidence that Hodgon's novels were written in the reverse of the published order.
Hodgson on the Web
Bibliography: Works By and About
More Hodgson Photos
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Publishing News

Nightshade Books - The Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson

From Nightshade Books

"This series will collect all of Hodgson's novel's and short stories into a matching five volume hardcover set. It will include many stories that have not been available since their initial magazine publication, or only collected in the original Eveleigh Nash collections. Each book shall be over 400 pages long, and will feature over 200,000 words of fiction." Vols. 1, 2 and 5 still in print. Vols. 3 and 4 out of print.


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